God gives seed to the sower. We want to always obey God by putting Him first in our lives, especially in our finances. We both experienced lack before because of our disobedience of not giving to God what rightfully belongs to Him.


We have been in situations where we had to choose to pay our bills or pay our tithe. To plant a seed, or just eat it. Our choice is to put our seed in the ground, and have the God of abundance work in our lives. 

For example, my husband was a Bible College student and I was a stay at home mom. We couldn't provide for our children, but God always made a way, There was a time we had no food to feed our children. We just moved to Ohio. We didn't know any body. We had no family there, and one night, someone knocked on our door. When we opened it, there was no one at the door. There was no car anywhere or anyone walking, but there was a lot of bags full of groceries... This happened many times. 


Our children have been attending christian schools for a long time. God always sent someone to pay their way. Different states and different schools but God came through with their tuition!


There was one time my children really wanted a "Gameboy." Obviously, we couldn't afford it. We taught our children about having faith in God, and the principles of tithing. We went to the store to buy some food, and got a box of yogurt. When we got home, I opened the box and found out that inside was a winning ticket. I took the paper out and couldn't believe it, (Just like when people were praying for Peter to come out jail. There was Peter at the door. They thought, no way, that can't be Peter, he is in jail. Let's keep praying). There it was, "You won a GAMEBOY!" God is amazing!

Our Relationship

My husband and I have our individual relationship with God. I know that before I am his, I belong to God, and I know that before he is mine, He is God's. Studying the Word of God and praying individually, helps us to build our personal relationship with God. It teaches us to be the husband and the wife, the father, and the mother, the friend, and the brother, or sister, or son, and the Christian that God want us to be.

That allows us to know each other spiritually and connect us more. We are one in Christ.


We build our relationship with each other by studying the word and praying together.

There has been a couple of times that we had spiritual battles that if it wasn't for our warfare together, in one accord, fighting in the spirit, I don't know if we would have gotten through. We learned to submit to God and to one another. We encourage one another and over all - we serve one another.


I am not the head, He is. I am his helper. I honor him, love him, care for him, pray for him, respect him, and trust him.

If my relationship with God is bad, my relationship with my husband suffers the same. I know me. I don't want to be me. I want Jesus to reflect Himself in me, and that's why my relationship with God is more important than anything in my life!

Our children

We have four children. Denissa, Dian, Daniela, and David.


They all have their special story of how God brought them to us. 


We raise our four children according to the word of God. We want them to experience an encounter with God. To humble theirselves to God and to recognize that they need Him by reading the scriptures, and building their relationship with their Savior.


Our children knows that God is real because He has been real to them.


They trust in God with their own heart and mind, and they lean on Him, and in all of their ways they aknowledge Him, and He make their path strait!!


We spend much time with our children, not just reading the bible, or talking about God, but playing, walking in the park together, watching movies togethers, having meals together, and some times just talking about their live. Expressing their heart and mind.


At our home, there is the love of God. We still hug our children and tell them how much we love them. We express our love and our care for one another. Our children needs our attention, not only when they are babies, but even when they have grown. They need our verbal affirmation and our physical affection.


Children have to understand that our relationship with each other is important, but that more important is our relationship with God.


We have built a spiritual altar in our own home. We know that our individual relationships with God is what brings our family together as one.

Fatherless no more!

I found in the scriptures that God is real. He is my father. He cares for me. He is love. Spending time reading the Bible and talking to Jesus brought me into a relationship with my Creator. Knowing Him, first made me to know who I am in Him. He is real. He is a miracle working God. He is the God of the impossible. The living God. His word is the lamp unto my feet. I am created to represent Him. To live a life that will show His character, His peace, and His love. I am full of His joy, His power, and His Grace. I made Him mine because He made me His. I have a covenant that no one can break. Our love is ETERNAL!

He found me

I was a single mom, living in my mother's house, working third shift. It was tough. I thought I would never get married. However, because of reading my Bible, my faith in God was increasing daily. One day, I asked God, if He would give me a husband. I was very specific for what I was asking for, "I want a man that will follow your desires God, and not his own. A man that will love you and put you first in his life!"


Three months later, I was sent by my supervisor to pick up crushed boxes and bring them to the warehouse.  I was thinking that I was being humiliated in front of my co-workers. What I didn't know is that I was walking right into my destiny.


I got to the warehouse and dropped the heavy load. Immediately, I looked up and there it was, a man in a glass office. He got distracted by the noise of the boxes that was being dropped behind him......

We looked at each other - and we knew, there was something that connected us right there. I walked back until a big wall separated our eyes.

On May 19, 2000, we were saying, "I do!"

God, is a miracle working God. He can do the impossible!

Pursuing His plan

Our marriage was in chaos the first three years. We both were accepted in a Bible College, but I didn't know how to submit to my husband. The Lord provided in a supernatural way for my tuition to the school. I was very proudful about this. I thought that God provided for me because I was more spiritual than my husband... But God had a plan!


That night as I was sleeping, something woke me up. It was the Holy Spirit and He said, "Come to my presence, I need to give you instructions."  I went to His presence and the first thing that He told me was, "Why do you tell everybody that I gave you that husband and you treat him like this?" He began to show me the disrrespecful way that I always treated my husband. I began to cry and I realized that I couldn't let go of my past and my fears. God said to me, "I put that tuition money into your hands, as a seed for your marriage. Before you go to the nations, you go home and be a wife and a mother. He will go first, He is the head of this home. Choose death or life, Choose life."


That day, I repented of my controlling, manipulative, fearful heart. I asked my husband to forgive me. I gave up Bible college by giving my husband the money for his tuition instead of mine. Three months later, I was pregnant with a beautiful little girl. She was only four months old, when I got pregnant with our fourth baby, a boy. Submission to God and to my husband opened the gates of heaven in my life and in my marriage!