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My son's death to life experience

October 4, 2015


In 1998 my life was a mess. I was pregnant. A Christian neighbor came to my door telling me about the salvation through Jesus Christ. She invited me to go to a youth group from her church. This is where Jesus touched my heart and I realized I was a sinner and needed a Savior for the forgiveness of my sins. 


The following week, I had a dream where Jesus came into my room. I was very angry and I yelled to him, "come here Jesus, I want to talk to you". Jesus walked slowly. Not my words of anger or distress made him walk faster to reach me. I observed him and in my mind recalled all the suffering in my life. 


When Jesus came to my bed, I moved aside for him to sit at my side. Jesus took my head and put it on his chest. There were no words. I felt that all my anguish, my despair, my pain, my anger, all the heaviness disappeared at that time. 

That morning when I woke up, I knew something strange had happened in my heart. I felt no desire to continue in my sin. I knew that this was a very deep dream. It was something real, something that enters the wounds of my heart and changes my destiny. 


At that time, I was nine months pregnant. My baby was supposed to be born on December 31. It was January 12 and nothing happened so I went to the doctor. He checked me and came back with these words,"I have bad news. Your baby is dead. The umbilical cord is wrapped around his neck and there is no heartbeat." He also told me the risk that my life was in and rushed me to the hospital. I got so nervous that when I went up in the hospital’s elevator, I started to bleed. 


When I arrived to the room, the nurse put in the IV and said to me, “We will wait for the surgeon to get prepared.” The time for battle came. I was alone in that room when I heard a voice in my mind that said, "And now what? What are you going to do?. That’s your life? You'll die in that operation. All of your life has been a disaster. Worthless, no one cares. Who is here in this moment with you? Take your life and get it over with!”


I slowly sat up, then grabbed the IV and went to the window. I was on the seventh floor of that hospital. I began to mourn and determined within myself to end my life. I opened the window and set my foot on it. My body trembled. I didn’t even know if I had the courage to take my life. Suddenly, I remembered the dream that marked my life. At the moment, I began to feel as if there was still hope. 


I went back to the bed and started talking to Jesus. "I know you're here", I said. "I have tried everything in my life, but I have not tried you." The time of my hope began when I said "if you really are real then show it to me. Bring my baby back to life and I promise you my life in return”. (I did not know I was making a covenant with Jesus that day) I said “Do it now and the whole world will know that you are real”. When I finished my words it was as if Jesus sealed the deal. I started to feel my baby quickly dropping. I started shouting but not with anxiety, this time I was screaming with hope and assurance that at that time I would see a miracle. I would know if Jesus  is really real. The nurse and the doctor could not believe it. They kept telling me that it was a reaction to the IV. No, (I insisted) Help me! My baby is almost out! The Doctor checked me and with astonishment in his eyes he screamed to the nurse, “Break her water". The nurse did as he said. They moved me to the surgical room. 


My baby was at the door and quickly came out with power and strength. The doctor caught the young child in his hands and said to me, "This is a miracle, your baby is alive." I thought, "Jesus you did it. You're real!" 


Suddenly, I began to feel a warmth all over my body. It was like a fire and it felt like someone was pulling my ear. At the same time, five university students entered the room. They had a practice of learning “in the delivery room”. In the midst of all these people, I heard a voice saying to me, "Say my name. Tell them who did this miracle”. I knew it would be Ok if I screamed "Thank God". But deep in my heart I knew it was "Thank you Jesus!" I had to scream. It was like a shameful force that covered my mouth, so I did not mention that name. 


However, I wanted to show Jesus that I knew what had happened in that room. I was sure that he was the one who brought my son back to life. With all my strength I yelled, "Thank you Jesus, Jesus Thank you!”


Everyone present laughed. Some even made fun of me. 

What no one knew is that day is not only when my baby came back to life but so did I. I was born again in that place at that time. Spiritually! 


Since that day I learned to have faith in my Christ. Jesus is real and he still does miracles. Every person that God puts in my path renews their strength and faith when they hear this testimony. If I live, I live for Christ and if I die, I die for Christ.


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My son's death to life experience

October 4, 2015

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